Today's kids are tomorrow's pros! It was only for them that we have developed the Fastec Vision Jr. – top-notch bindings that offer the same comfort and support adults get. This is made possible thanks to the transparent Fastec 4 baseplate, that we produced in a specific junior's size and that fulfills the same stringent quality standards as its "big brother". Besides the great hold, the medium flex of the symmetrical highback and the baseplate are perfect for the first turns on steeper slopes, or easy tricks in the park! No pressure marks or unpleasing tweaks will bother the youngest, that's what the ergonomic highback pads are made for. No question that the popular Fastec technology shouldn´t be skipped either: Once adjusted to the boot, these bindings offer perfect hold for the rest of the season. Just step in, lift up the highback and go wild...

  • light – Junior Baseplate, ultralight Toe Strap
  • versatile & agile – medium flex
  • fast - Fastec System
  • Size-adjustable drop-back highback with lever closure
  • Fastec 4 baseplate made of high-quality plastic
  • Forward lean adjustment in the highback lever
  • Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckle
  • 3D toe & ankle straps
  • Symmetrical Highback (medium flex, drop-back system)
  • Ergonomic highback pad with 20% recycled EVA
  • Toe ramp and heelplate dampening