Successful on-snow test of Völkl's brand-new CASHEW Split Board!

The Völkl Team & friends tested the Völkl CASHEW Split Board on a spring tour at the Stubai Glacier.

Völkl Snowboards set high goals with its new Cashew Split Board: The split board should provide for a comfortable ascent, while not allowing the rider to feel any disadvantages compared to a regular backcountry freestyle board. On a spring tour at the Stubai Glacier, the CASHEW Split Board was given the chance to complete this mission!

Along with the team riders Martin Seiler, Alex Schmaltz and Simon Schweiger some "pencil pushers" and snow-addicted powder junkies got to know the true promise of the much sought-after split boards. Among them were shralp's Meeze, photographer Alex Papis, Product Manager Thomas Hellgermann as well as Muck Müller, Christoph Trojer and Kone Heigl from munchie Konsilium and special guest Edi Bader. Michi Weinländer, Völkl Snowboards' Marketing Manager, and Völkl's split board expert Patrick Schökel guided the group into the glacier's backcountry with its surrounding 3000 meter peaks.


An early-bird start was obligatory because the snow quickly turns into cement-like slush in the spring time. Therefore, the group took care of the preparations the evening before and adjusted their split board bindings systems. With only a few grabs the Voilé System, compatible with all bindings, quickly got adjusted to the preferred angle, setback and stance. Only Christoph was a bit lazy and didn´t change the pre-set ultra jib stance which he would live to regret the next day …

The group reached the tour's starting point after an ascent with the Stubai Glacier cable car and a short ride down the slope. Immediately, the alteration began by "removing" the bindings, splitting the board, re-clipping of the bindings in ascent-position, installation of crampons, and integrating and hoisting of skins into the Skin Pin System. After only a few minutes, the preparations were completed and the system revealed its first strong point: despite gloves, the alteration was quick and uncomplicated. Greasing the face with 30 SPF and executing a LVS test, the group was finally perfectly prepared for the ascent.

Every participant in the Völkl group succeeded in a more or less classy two-hours ascent to the summit and a gorgeous panoramic view over the Stubai Glacier was the reward awaiting the group on the summit cross! Any mountaineer is happy on a smooth and energy-conserving switchback and even sketchy traverses on an icy slope were a walk in the park thanks to the big Voilé crampons. After the summit victory, a short break and some pictures with smiling faces, the boards were prepared for the run down into the valley in the blink of an eye. Michi knew the direction and Alex Papis knew how to handle his camera. Dangerous parts were managed one by one and the group could all cruise down together when the snow was stable and safe.

Conclusion: Thanks to the ingenious flex and torsion settings, the boards could handle the changing snow conditions extraordinarily well! The CASHEW 162 Split Board means a huge step forward in constantly progressing split board technology. Another bonus is that the awarded and eco-friendly Cashew is now also available as a split board model. No matter if you are into backcountry freestyle and on your way hiking to a kicker spot, or if you prefer arduous mountaineering and conquering summits – the convex powder base lives up to its promise and provides you with maximum floatation. The length of 162 cm rides extremely playful, even switch runs are no problem at all.

Thumbs up, test passed! We are already looking forward to the next model this coming fall and you can also be pleased as punch for the chance to broaden your shred horizon with this backcountry freestyle split board soon.

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