Burn SNOWPARKRALLY Finals 2011

All missions accomplished! Florian Model & Dominik Steindl won the finals of this alternative photo-contest in Leogang (AUT)...

Gorgeous weather, perfect locations and creative pictures: After the finals in Leogang (AUT) this weekend, the BURN SNOWPARK RALLY 2011 in cooperation with Völkl announced: “All missions accomplished!”

The crew of Florian Model, Arne Klaas and Christoph Schwarz (GER) won the final mission “contrasts” at the snowboarders’.
The three crews who had won this winter’s three online missions came together at the big finals of the BURN SNOWPARK RALLY 2011 in Leogang (AUT) from April 7th to 10th. On Friday, after a relaxing first night in the “Millinghof” estate in Leogang, the participants initially checked out the locations together with professional photographers Lorenz Holder and Alex Papis, pro snowboarders Michi “Stani” Stanschitz (AUT) and Michi Schatz (AUT).
Thanks to the great support by the Leoganger Bergbahnen GmbH, each team had quickly found a location. Bluebird on Friday afternoon and Saturday gave them the opportunity to realize their pictures at perfect conditions. Due to the inventive and photographically impressive results of their mission, it was extremely hard for the jury to choose the winner in both categories.
The judges particularly praised the picture shot by snowboard winner Florian Model, because he realized the mission “contrasts” in a highly creative way: “The picture contains a fantastic layout with beautiful lines, which accentuate the contrasts very well. We liked that they didn’t hand in the photo in black and white, so that the blue shadows are still visible in the background. Moreover, the crew made innovatively use of the obstacle, which is actually a kicker.And the rider’s got a lot of style!”

The Polish crew with Adam Chrabaszcz, Michal Gren and Marek Kaczkowski took second, misusing a small chapel as an obstacle. Third place went to David Kurth, Carlo Schmid and Felix Höckel from Switzerland.

The award ceremony took place at the “Outback” bar in Leogang on Saturday evening with DJ Juwee of the Wax Wreckaz delivering the appropriate sound. The ideal conclusion to this genius weekend was the Public Bagjump Session on Sunday, at which all of the participants and friends of the Burn Snowpark Rally had fun on the bagjump in the snowpark of Leogang together.

All awarded photos and more information: www.snowparkrally.com

Results – Finals of the Burn Snowpark Rally 2011- Snowboard

1st Place
Florian Model, Arne Klaas, Christoph Schwarz (GER)

“The winning crew of the Burn Snowpark Rally 2011 Snowboard Finals has accomplished the final mission ‘contrasts’ in a very creative way. Their photo has an awesome layout with beautiful lines that support the contrasts really well. We also like that they didn’t change the photo to black and white but kept the shades of blue in the contrasty background. Furthermore this crew even used the obstacle - which is actually a kicker - in a creative way. And the rider comes with great style! “

2nd Place
Adam Chrabaszcz, Michal Gren, Marek Kaczkowski (POL)

“It was a lengthy discussion about the final ranking and this photo missed the top position only by a few points. The shot comes with a really great spot and sick riding!  And the crew found an interesting interpretation of the final mission ‘contrasts’. We really like their approach, however we think it could have been elaborated more clearly. Furthermore, the image layout could have been improved. But overall it’s definitely an awesome photo!”

3rd Place
Carlo Schmid, David Kurth, Felix Höckel (SUI)

“The 3rd ranked crew has chosen a very creative spot and the action is great, too. However, framing and layout could have been done a little bit better. And we think this crew took a rather easy way to fulfill the mission topic ‘contrasts’ by changing the photo to a black and white version. But in this case, it didn’t improve the overall impression of the shot.”



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