Rookies’ first choice

The Fastec Vision Jr. is a state-of-the-art binding for pros of the future, sporting the same comfort and support as their big brothers. This is made possible by the special junior size FT4 Baseplate, while the superior support and medium flex of the highback are perfect for first turns and easy tricks in the park. Ergonomic highback pads make pressure points a thing of the past, while the Fastec System ensures that kids are out riding, not messing with their bindings. Once set up, the bindings are ready to rock for the rest of the season. Step in, close up, and go!

  • light - Junior Baseplate with ultra-light toe straps
  • versatile - tool-free forward lean adjustment & medium flex
  • fast - Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckles
  • Spoiler Drop-back avec levier de déchausse rapide
  • Réglage de l'inclinaison du spoiler sans outils
  • Spoiler symétrique (flex moyen)
  • Séries FT4 - embase faite de plastique de haute qualité
  • Boucles à décompression automatique
  • Câble de redirection du spoiler
  • Straps oreils et chevilles 3D
  • Spoiler légérement matelassé en EVA
  • Amortisseurs de vibrations talon et orteils