Rental-Specialist with Fastec System

The tried and tested Fastec-System makes perfect sense in a busy rental situation, as there’s no faster way to adjust bindings! For the renter, there’s no cranking ratchets, leaving them more time to enjoy the mountain. The highback, with its ergonomic padding, is completely tool-free adjustable and adapts to all shapes and sizes, while the forward lean is adjustable in a matter of seconds via a highback lever.

  • fast - Fastec System with Auto-Release Buckles
  • easy - tool-free adjustment and mounting
  • robust - rental 3D toe & ankle straps
  • Drop-back highback with quick release lever
  • Highback forward lean adjustment
  • Auto-Release Buckles
  • Cable redirection
  • Rental 3D Toe & Ankle Straps