We live and breathe individuality and style right in between take-off and landing. We indulge in these moments of pure freedom and we decide for ourselves when and where to go. Ascending to the top in silence, surrounded by nothing but endless backcountry terrain. The tracks we leave are the only witnesses of these unforgettable moments up there in the vast wilderness of the snowy mountain peaks. That’s the spirit! All for one, one for all!

It’s the unification of many strong personalities that makes an unbeatable team of riders and which helps each and every one of them to go big. The Völkl team consists of the world’s best allround riders with great style, podium-winning rippers, slopestyle jibbers and spin masters. When they are riding together they push each other to take their snowboarding to the next level and into a new dimension.

Every one of them is charging hard in her own special way – be it in international freestyle contests of the TTR World Snowboard Tour, the Freeride World Tour, Boardercross races, World Cups or while ripping their home mountain.
Their team spirit gives them the strength and power they need to take up all challenges.

Their high riding level and know-how make our teamriders a very important part of the R&D department.
They all ride and test their snowboards to develop products that set new standards.

Marius Bakken
Maciek Dlugosz
Andre Escobar
Keita Inamura
Dong Gun Kim
Elena Könz
Kristiina Nisula
Simon Pircher
Birgit Rofner
Michael Schatz
Martin Seiler
Omar Visintin
Marius Bakken
Aline Bock
Loan Bozzolo
Mathis Bozzolo
Roy	  Brönnimann
Patrick Cinca
Alessio Coiro
Antonio Contessi
Carla D'Innocenzo
Maciek Dlugosz
Aapo Enqvist
Andre Escobar
Loris Framarin
Christopher Garside
Angelo Gastl
Tobi Grünwald
Max Grünwald
Saska Halmes
Keita Inamura
Andreas  Iseli
Isa Jud
Ueli Kestenholz
Dong Gun Kim
Elena Könz
Jan Kralj
Chris Kröll
Teemu Lambert
Joe Lax
Manuela Mandl
Manuela Mariani
Luca Matteotti
Florian Merten
Benny	 Mösl
Patrick Müller
Kristiina Nisula
Martin Nörl
Kristine Nymoen
Keiji Okamoto
Simon Pircher
Cesare Pisoni
Maurizio Praga
Florian Prietl
Angi Reisinger
Matteo Riboni
Birgit Rofner
Verena Rohrer
Moritz Ruedi
Agnieszka Rusin
Niko Savolainen
Michael Schatz
Martin Seiler
Michael  Stanschitz
Agnese Tanza
Axel Thelen
Leonardo Traniello
Sean Tumelty
Luca Visintin
Omar Visintin
Florent Vorger
Peter Walchhofer
Franz Wörndl
Hannes Zösmayr