OnSnow Test Demos

Need a new snowboard? Test a Völkl board for free at one of our OnSnow Demos.

Excellent products with unbeatable riding qualities – for 90 years this has always been and will always be the ethos behind the Völkl brand.

Völkl Snowboards are unique because of the innovative capabilities of the development department and the in-house race laboratory, who research, test and experiment with the latest high-tech materials. This passion for perfection is what a rider feels in each and every turn and jump … you can feel it!

As long as snow falls we will live what we preach: the creation and enhancement of high tech products that make snowboarding an unrivaled experience.

To feel the riding difference of our boards, make sure to stop by at one of our OnSnow test events near you. The test is completely free, you only have to bring your personal ID card and go snowboarding.






First Völkl Split & Freeride Camp


Splitboarding at Austria's highest mountain and chilling at the Luxury Chalets.[Leer más]



Japanese rookie Keita Inamura is the World Rookie Champion 2014.[Leer más]

Elena wins SUZUKI NINE QUEENS 2014


With her signature backside 540 mute and frontside 720 melon Elena Könz secured the crown.[Leer más]

Product Preview 14/15: Savvy


Playful Freestyle All-Mountain Board.[Leer más]

Product Preview 14/15: Coal Race


Riders ready - Attention - GO !![Leer más]