Winter 2012 Afterburn

'Winter ain't over yet' says swiss rider Roy ... check his story here.

Words from Roys blog: "Guess what? Winter 2012 ain’t over! Thanks to an epic season with a shitload of snow, there is still a sweet snow base ready to shred on higher altitudes. After a great day flying, we packed our snow gear and made our ways up to First in order to find some fun snow left overs. As soon we reached our destination, the shoveling team started building some jumps in between a surreal environment filled with mind-blowing snow formations built by nature and its elements. Ending the day with some fun slush slashes and a cold beer at the yet very last valley run of the season certainly made that day a very special one. Good times!"





First Völkl Split & Freeride Camp


Splitboarding at Austria's highest mountain and chilling at the Luxury Chalets.[mehr]



Japanese rookie Keita Inamura is the World Rookie Champion 2014.[mehr]

Elena gewinnt SUZUKI NINE QUEENS 2014


Elena Könz holt sich mit einem stylischen Frontside 720 Melon und einem Backside 540 Mute die Krone.[mehr]

Product Preview 14/15: Savvy


Ein verspieltes Freestyle All-Mountain Board.[mehr]

Product Preview 14/15: Coal Race


Riders ready - Attention - GO !![mehr]