Völkl Snowboards team results season 11/12


Völkl team season results

Our teamrider have been pretty busy the last few month. Check their results during the season 11/12.

Not all our riders compete in contests. Team members like Martin 'Seili' Seiler, Moritz Rüdi or Roy Brönnimann prefer to go filming in the backcountry and stuff. Stay tuned for some sweet pictures and clips from these guys.

ROCKWELL watches Völkl Snowboards

The Völkl team is rocking well...


From now on, Völkl Snowboards and ROCKWELL will be sharing time.[more]

Shedding some light on: board shapes


An overview of Völkl's six distinct Rocker and Camber shapes.[more]

Rookie Scouting: Sounding the bell for the third round


Become part of the Völkl team and win a one-year sponsorship at the Rookie Scouting.[more]

Völkl Snowboards Omar Visitin

Omar Visitin wins first FIS worldcup snowboard cross race


And if that were not enough, the Italian also takes the second place in the team competition with Luca Matteotti![more]

Völkl Snowboards Rookie Scouting

Look at: Rookie Scouting winner round one


Tobi and Max Grünwald are the winners of the first round of the Völkl Rookie Scouting.[more]